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We are De Thuishaven

We believe in strength of the community. Together we can make a difference for the underprivileged, anywhere in the world

Our goal is to help hundreds of young people build a better life and in turn have them inspire a hundred more to do the same. A better life starts with having a safe home and a sustainable income. Together we will broaden the foundation of De Thuishaven to make it more stable, and we will set up new apprenticeship programs and small businesses with the aim to provide a home for as many young people as possible.

Team and Board Members

Meet our team

Reza Nelembaye Ngarigota


Gino Sergio


Hendrik Hofstra

General board member

Pernelly Biya

General board member

Sarah Ait Haddou


Marketing and Fundraising

We are a group of people with a shared passion for development work and a general love for people. What connects us is our background in social work. We complement each other by combining our various specialties of youth work, marketing, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, social policymaking and sport development work. In addition, we all come from different cultural backgrounds and share a few important values.

Our core values are:
Working together, optimism, diversity, community, ambition, social entrepreneurship

We strive for change by uniting a diversity of people that want to help others, and so we work together with local villagers, the mayor and volunteers.

All board members work on a voluntary basis.


How De Thuishaven came to life

My name is Reza Nelembaye Ngarigota. I was born in 1989 and grew up in a Dutch-African family in The Netherlands. Since a young age I’ve been visiting the African continent as this is where I find my roots. This is also where I first witnessed poverty, and realized that there are a lot of vulnerable young people in this part of the world that don’t have the same chances as we have in the developed world.

I’ve dreamt of helping underprivileged children ever since I was a young boy. In 2013 I felt the urge to actually make my dream come true and do something for the underprivileged in Africa, and took a big step: I quit my job as a youth worker, said goodbye to professional football, and swapped the comfort of home for Benin to do development work there. At a local school I worked as a coach for students and their parents, both physically (sports lessons) and mentally (motivational talks).

In 2014 I returned to The Netherlands and went back to work as a youth worker within various organizations. In 2018 I heard Africa calling again and decided to quit my job once more. I spent 6 months in West and Central Africa in search of the perfect location, and to look for the right target group to try to help in life.


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