de Thuishaven

The place where disadvantaged and damaged young people find a safe home

About us

Our ambition is to help others!

De Thuishaven is a foundation based in Togoville, Togo, which is committed to providing underprivileged and damaged youth with a safe home, by supporting them in their development and letting them learn at their own pace.

The Thuishaven Foundation wants to ensure that these young people can become an independent place in society in the field of education and development. Togo is one of the 20 poorest in the world and we contribute to the development of youth. Within De Thuishaven we also have local people in the village where we settle. These help, for a small fee, the youth to develop by taking them by the hand and teaching them skills. This will be explained later under the heading of work-study trajectories.

Our mission

Offer a future to vulnerable young people

We are De Thuishaven

We believe in strength of the community. Together we can make a difference for the underprivileged, anywhere in the world


The place where disadvantaged and damaged young people find a safe home


Our biggest strength is our support base. At De Thuishaven we welcome everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what religion you follow, or what your political preference is. De Thuishaven can count on its core of supporters that are connected through a shared love for humanity.

Our campaigns

Je helpt ons enorm met
een kleine gift

Because we can

How can you help us?

You can contribute in all kinds of ways, and help or support us.


Donate and help children. Determine the amount of your donation yourself, online donation is quick and easy. We are happy to have you as a donor.


You can volunteer in many different ways. inquire about the possibilities.

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